Is this normal for sponsored advertising?

While debugging some problems with 64 and 32 bit Chrome (or more precisely, while downloading the different versions), one of our developers found a strange “Sponsored” ad, handed to him by Yahoo’s search engine.

The search term was “Chrome download”, nothing obscure and the following pictures tell the rest of the story.

This may take us into a review of sponsored ads that serve content to see how bad things really are.  Isn’t there a vetted process for allowing links/downloads from sponsoring agencies?

Some great SEO or a high value ad?

The site it directed us to.

Although the name of the executable immediately triggered suspicion, we downloaded it to take a peak and Panda AV triggered the minute it was downloaded.

Virus Total.

We’ll do a follow up technical post with information about the executable, but this was enlightening enough to make public.

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