New Training Course – Android Forensics – No $5 Wrench Required!

This course discusses the growing number of challenges
facing forensic examiners, reverse engineers, and law enforcement agencies when
working with a modern Android device.  Attendees will learn novel techniques for
evidence extraction, bypassing security features, and basic malware analysis
With new tactics developed by one of our researchers, we’re excited to announce that we can unlock certain up-to-date Android devices for forensic analysis.  Send us a note, we will be scheduling a date for the new course within the next weeks stay tuned!

20 Million Users Vulnerable to Cisco’s WebEx Browser Extention

The vulnerability was discovered by Tavis Ormandy a well known security researcher and privately reported to Cisco which was patched on Monday January 23rd, 2017.  The seriousness of the issue was the seemingly trivial exploitation vector.

“All that’s required for a malicious or compromised website to exploit the vulnerability is to host a file or other resource that contains the string “cwcsf-nativemsg-iframe-43c85c0d-d633-af5e-c056-32dc7efc570b.html” in its URL. That’s a “magic” pattern the WebEx service uses to remotely start a meeting on visiting computers that have the Chrome extension installed.”

If you haven’t done so, UPDATE or UNINSTALL the WebEx extension to remove the vulnerability.  More information on the patch can be found here:  Cisco Security Advisory

Kudos to Cisco on producing a patch in two days!

The Cyber Secure Texas Project!

We are pleased to announce the release of a joint project Cyber Secure Texas (CST), with the support of Ultimatum Security, we aim to bring enterprise security services to the Small Business world in Texas.  There are plans to expand, so keep your eye on the project if you’re out of the area however.

About CST 

As opposed to hiring a full time IT staff,
The Cyber Secure Texas project aims to provide professional and high
quality cyber security services on a monthly basis, for an extremely
affordable flat rate. You’ll know exactly what you are getting, and
exactly how much it will cost. We believe small and medium sized
businesses deserve to benefit from premium security services.  Visit the site to learn more!

Nomotion Will Be at The CyberTexas 2016 Conference

Come visit us at the CyberTexas 2016 Exhibitor Floor!

Grab some toys, meet our staff, and if you’re tech savvy … maybe a challenge or two for some prizes!

If you’ve never been to San Antonio, now is the perfect time to come, meet some of the local military and commercial talent, network, and discuss trending security practices.  We hope to see you there!

If you would like to set some time aside with us please shoot us a note at